Part II

by Dog Brain

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Chicago, Illinois' punk project Dog Brain Part II comes with Vacation (Tracks 1-6) and Temple Blues (Tracks 7-12)


released February 10, 2014

all songs written, produced, recorded by Aaron Ruby, July 2013 – January 2014
Masanori Kubo: guitar on 04 (2nd half), chant on 06, all guitars and bass on 09
John Kirby: electric slide + fingers on 08
gang vocals on 07: Fernando Gallegos, Steve Rodriguez, John K. & Aaron R.
Thanks Josh Milligan for use of piano on 07 … thanks to all the dogs …



all rights reserved


Waybridge Records Missouri

DIY Label out in St. Louis Missouri

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Track Name: Welcome to the Show
welcome to the show
we'd like to thank all of those
who have made it possible
we're glad you've all tuned in
before the game begins let's
introduce the lucky ones

no matter what they tell you
this is not your life
no matter what they sell you
this is not your life

don't you touch that dial
hang around a while we'll be
right back after this
welcome to the show
Track Name: She Talks to Demons
i'm going out of my mind, she said
but i don't care
it's in the air
and it only gets worse when i remember
the things she said
the blood i bled

thoughts of her are possessing my mind
thought i left those spirits all behind
she talks to demons
and she talks

i saw the writing up on the walls
made me cry
i'm gonna die
i thought this was spost to be a vacation
it all went wrong
can't we get along

things between us haven't been the same
since the devil got into her brain
Track Name: Keep on Truckin'
here she comes again
she's painted up in red
she's the queen of the dead
she's like a gun to the head
and i'm taking my time
and i'm proving my point
i'm getting to it
i'm really getting to it

but it's never enough no

stop wasting my time
i got nowhere to be
don't pander to me
i can't sleep anymore
i can't hang anymore
it goes on like before
keep on truckin'
Track Name: Maps
apartment in the city
oh so pretty
oh so gritty
got a real grid pattern
and the roads there
are all marked east or west so you can find me

driving thru the boonies
like that movie
where the loonies
try to kill everybody
it's a long drive
so bring yourself a map so you can find me

i don't want to lose my way
i guess i'll look at the map

if you ever lose your way
i'll be there to give you the map

i think we lost the highway
wrong turn at albuquerque
the stars hold the key
this and every century
give me my destination

i'm going off the grid
i'm off the camera eye
the only eyes on me
from up above the sky
follow earthly intention
acknowledge galactic direction
Track Name: Yokai March
Track Name: Vacation
i work all day
and now i play

it is not
just a trip
it is a trick
of the mind
and what
did you find
when you were there
tell me what
did you find

i fly
around the block
i walk
to distant lands
and i shake hands
yes i shake hands
and then you smile
and say to me
if you lived here
you would be home

it is not
a vacancy
it is a
and you talk
you talk talk talk
another tongue
i laugh and think
if i lived here
i would be home
Track Name: Tonite
its not for nothing that we got into this
and it's not for nothing that we tried
you get lazy, you go crazy
and it all goes bad down the line
everyone now and then
has to put up a fight
maybe baby i got a feeling
gotta feeling tonite is the nite

now the dead walk the earth
there's a charge in the air
no one told me that it'd be easy
but i just wasn't prepared
i know enough to know
there's a lot i don't know
but sometimes dreams do come true
and i think tonite is the nite
Track Name: Sing a Stupid Song
turn on the radio
coming in clear
whaddya hear?
it's a stupid song
don't you remember when
music was cool?
but industry rules
it's a stupid song

my oh my
i'll sing along this time
it goes lalalalalalala...

but i gotta plan...

sure didn't mean
to make such a mess
i've just got
a very special request
hello mr dj
can you spin my favorite song
i've lived oh so long to hear it
then we can talk about that bomb
i don't recall the melody
or any of the words
but i know it's got this one part
it goes lalalalalalala...
Track Name: American Castle
they tell me that a man
bought up all of that land
and they say he's from hollywood
he built a park one time
over in anaheim
and i hear that he's doing good

let's move away from the city
away from the hassle
just you and me babe
we'll build an american castle
i know we can make it this time
cus if you've got the muscle
i've got the mind

we're going to the town of tomorrow
where trouble will not follow
a beautiful place from every point of view
a place where every dream comes true
Track Name: Tinfoil Hat
she's the one i want
she's the one i need
been away too long
baby's gotta eat
baby's gotta breathe
bullshit in the air
landing all the birds
poisoning the water
well it's a communist plot
and tell me what you know bout that
well i got a tinfoil hat

she's the one i trust
the only one i trust
throw away your tv set
throw away your newspaper
but no one reads the newspaper
who'd wanna read the newspaper
when you can get that shit right from the source
tell me what you know bout that
i got a tinfoil hat
Track Name: King Cold
parallel limbs reach for the sky
mother earth is quiet and dry
here comes the old man
king of the cold

birds of every color found on earth
fly fly fly away
end of the days
king of the cold
Track Name: The Water Song
which way to the water?